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December 2014 Blackshear PTA Meeting Minutes

Blackshear Elementary PTA
General Membership Meeting Minutes
12/11/2014, Blackshear Library - Called to Order: 5:52pm / Adjourned 7:15pm; Quorum was established (15 members + 3 new members)
Members: Brian Contine(President), Christanna Maxfield, Maria Villegas, Cindy Arias, Donna Hoffman, Danita Hurtado (new member), Laura Donnelly (new member), Maria Averij, Yurida Arce, Susan Hernandez, Joe Martinez (Community Liaison) , Alisha Martinez, Cristina Santos (Parent Liaison), Elizabeth Jordan, Hannah Haddad (Treasurer), Christine Takirutimanca, Suzanne Burris (Secretary), Kevin Ritcherson (new member), Mercedes Feris (Community Liaison), Kindra Sturdevant, Betty Jenkins (Principal), Elizabeth Carlin (Vice President)
Nonmembers: Lisa Dillard, Maribel Jaimes, Yvonne Perez, Ayanda Carmichael, Maria Sanchez, Eva Barron, Margarita Palacios, Lurda Roberts, Christine Takirutimana, Ms. Healey
Ms. Jenkins provided Principals Report. Student performances on 12/12 at 1:00pm include Frozen, StarWars, and Orchestra. Jenkins asked all parents to ask their kids about Math License, AR, and Spelling tests. There are currently 280 students enrolled and 190 familes at Blackshear Elementary. The school is still accepting transfers and 3 families will start in January.
Mr. Contine Introduced the Executive Board.
Mr. Contine reviewed goals for PTA:
• Increase Membership and Parental participation
• Learning what the school needs and provide it
• Don't add any more work to teachers
Ms. Haddad gave Treasurer's Report and proposed budget:
• Bank Balance: $388.02
o Expenses: $1138.00
o Revenue: $553.85

• Proposed Budget:
o Revenue
 +$350 Dues
 +$150 Friday Snacks
 +$150 Movie Nights
 +$275 T-Shirts

o Expenses
 -$380 Liability Insurance
 -$50 TXPTA Membership
 -$4.50/PTA member paid directly to TXPTA
 -$100 Friday Snacks
 -$50 Movie Nights
 -$150 T-shirts

• Budget was approved.
Mr. Contine reviewed PTA activities & Actions that have been completed to date:
• Frozen Movie Night in conjunction with PTA meeting
o Anonymous donation was made for the $375 Movie Site License
• Texas Tees donated shirts for the "Frozen" students
Donna Hoffman was introduced as School Garden Mentor and representative from the Blackshear Bridge.
• Volunteers planted trees on 12/6/2014. The trees will provide outdoor education and future shade.
• Blackshear Bridge provides the younger students outdoor learning opportunities 1x/week and Friday Enrichment program on Fridays
• Families may gather collards and cilantro from the garden during enrichment time.
New Business:
• Friday Snacks/Bake Sale on 1st Friday of each month (Ms. Healey).
o Partnership with Diabetes Association (Ms. Feris) to present healthier options
 Diabetes Association will reimburse for ingredients used to make the healthier snacks
o Recipes & Nutritional information will be posted on the PTA Bulletin Board for parents to take
o Snacks start at 2:00pm so PreK can purchase, too. They will be in the small playground area normally.
o Members agreed to expand to 2x/month. 1st Friday will be focused on healthy snack options. 3rd Friday could include donations of typical baked goods (these would not be reimbursable by Diabetes Association). Recommendation that typical baked goods be smaller portions as an educational opportunity about "moderation".
o Action Item: Santos will provide classroom parent list to Elizabeth. Sign Up sheet for interested volunteers/donations.
• T-shirt Committee (Mr. Contine & Mr. Martinez)
o Industry Print Shop donation to lower cost of shirt blanks to $1.50 each.
o Will sell for $3 to cover cost of ink and screens
o After school ART CLUB has several designs and will screen print. Adult volunteers will be needed when printing shirts for large orders and to help iron shirts.
o Prints will be single color
o The budget was amended to increase (double) T-shirt budget (expenses and revenues) by double to cover school shirts
o Committee was formed to fundraise towards UDO screen machine to be purchased next year (not included in this year's budget). Estimated cost $250
• Gift Wrap Opportunity at BookPeople (Mr. Contine)
o Opportunity for fundraising - 3 days at 6th & Lamar location.
o Need volunteers to wrap gifts on December 15, 16, & 17 6-11pm
o Need someone to make Big Board/Poster to show what Blackshear Fine Arts Academy is about.
Open Floor
• Graduation Committee formed to fundraise and purchase graduation gowns for graduating classes. (Ms. Burris)
o Estimated that 30 caps/gowns/tassels would cost $350 from Graduation Source.
o PTA to donate tassels each year (approx. $1 each)
• Parent Activity Committee formed to plan events for parents such as Zumba class. (Yurida Arce & Mercedes Feris)
11/13/2014 Meeting Minutes were distributed and approved as distributed.


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