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Birthday Coordinator

  • Responsible for updating Birthday Bulletin at the end of each month.
  • Responsible for creating and submitting Birthday Certificates to teachers in a timely manner.

Donations Coordinator

  • Will help Parent Support reach out to organizations for monetary donations/gift cards for student of the month celebrations, student birthday recognitions, attendance recognitions, teacher appreciation, 5th grade ceremony etc ...

Student of the Month Coordinator

  • Responsible for getting certificates ready
  • Distributing invitations to parents in a timely manner
  • Create goody bags for distribution during student of the month
  • Help set up for student of the month recognition

PTA Coordinator

  • Attend meetings/trainings
  • Assist with fundraisers
  • Organize events

Attendance Coordinator

  • Help Parent Support monitor attendance
  • Update attendance bulletin weekly
  • Assist parent support at the end of each month with attendance recognitions

Bulletin Updates/School decorations

  • Help update bulletin boards
  • Cover bulletin boards
  • Help decorate school for different holiday seasons
  • Dye cut letters, laminate, cut, etc ...

Classroom Parent

  • Works with the teacher
  • Communicates with parents
  • Organizes parties and events
  • Assists teachers in field trips
  • Helps out in classroom
  • Relays information to other parents in same classroom
  • Attends meetings and volunteer trainings

Homeroom Parent Duties

Works with the Teacher

  • As a homeroom parent you will communicate with teacher and find out where the help is needed.

Organizing Parties and Events

  • Most homeroom classes have at least one party per school year. As a homeroom parent, your job will be to help teacher coordinate with parents and communicate what is needed from each parent (ex. what items will be needed from each parent). You may also volunteer to help out at school events like carnivals, dances, field days and fundraisers.

Field Trips

  • If there is a class-wide field trip, you may be responsible for ensuring that permissions slips are signed and turned back in. You will be the contact person for any questions parents might have in regards to field trip. (ex. Be able to answer destination of field trip, date, time, etc...)

Classroom Duties

  • The homeroom teacher may have you also help out in the classroom. This could include running errands around the school, making copies, laminating, covering bulletin boards, etc ... They may also need some assistance with getting activities set up, like arts and crafts projects or science experiments.

Relaying Information to Parents

  • One of your duties as a homeroom parent is to communicate with the other parents. If there is an event, you will make phone calls or send out fliers. You will also need to arrange for other parents to volunteer their time for field trips and other events.

Attend Meetings

  • Your assistance will be required in PTA meetings. This will help the other parents to get to know you as well as give you a sense of what the parents expect out of their child's classroom environment. You may also need to attend training meetings specifically for homeroom parents.Friday Enrichment Sessions

Garden Volunteers

  • Garden Workdays (4 days)
  • Teaching assistant for weekly garden classes (1 day a week)
  • Classroom gardening instructor
  • Holiday maintenance

1st Grade Reading Buddy

2nd Grade Reading Buddy

3rd Grade Reading Buddy

Library Help

Office Help

Art Volunteers


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