Blackshear Fine Arts Academy

Fine Arts Instruction Starts This Week!

We are excited to welcome our community partners to Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy!

  • Ballet Austin (EduMoves)
  • Toni Bravo
  • Groundwork Music Project
  • Dance Another World
  • ZACH Theatre
  • Young Rembrandts
  • UT Shakespeare at Winedale Outreach
  • Adderley School of Music
  • Austin Soundwaves
  • Paramount Theater's Story Wranglers (3rd grade in the Fall)

Please know that fine arts classes for second through fifth grades run from 2:15 to 3:00 PM (two days a week for each grade level) Monday through Thursday. This new routine will affect our dismissal times. Please be patient. We will have the new routines down shortly.