Blackshear Fine Arts Academy

Community Partners

Volunteers and community organizations are instrumental in helping Blackshear reach every student.

Local businesses, universities, and churches have committed to the success of Blackshear students. Such organizations have assigned volunteers who have created one-on-one relationships with many of the students as a reading buddy. This literacy program plays a vital role in improving student academics and building social-emotional skills. Reading buddies are a consistent support in student education and act as strong role models.

Blackshear also engages the community through events such as Role Model Day, performances highlighting student heritage, Literacy Night, Earth Day, and Science Fairs. Community activists, leaders, and authors are able to share their craft with students and help them understand the steps necessary to reach their future goals.

As a neighborhood school, Blackshear is directly linked to the surrounding community and creates opportunities for parents and community members to play an active role in the educational process. This inclusion creates a more grounded, appealing learning environment.

With engagement of the community, students are able to extend their learning and skills beyond the walls of the classroom.

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