Blackshear Fine Arts Academy

Attendance Policy


Compulsory Attendance & 90% Rule

The State of Texas requires that all students at least 6 years of age and not yet 19 attend school until they obtain a diploma.  It is important that students attend school each day. There is a very strong connection between student attendance and academic performance in school.  Therefore, when students miss class, they miss out on learning.

We do recognize, however, that perfect attendance is not always possible.  We do not want students who are sick in class.  If your child is absent from all or part of a school day, the student – upon arrival or return to school – must bring a note signed by the parent or health care professional that describes the reason for the absence.  All notes should be provided within two days of returning to school.  The campus will update attendance records based on the provided documentation. 

When students fall below the 75% attendance rate, the student and parent/guardian must appeal to the Campus Attendance Committee. This Committee will review the reasons for your student's absences,review performance, and offer a plan for recovery. Each plan is unique based on individual student's circumstances. If a student is in good standing, work missed has been made up, and proper documentation for absences has been provided, the Attendance Committee may determine the method for recovery.If you have any questions about your child’s attendance record, please see our attendance specialist, Ms. Mungia, who is located in the front office. 


Some examples of absences:

that do count against the 90% attendance law include, but are not limited to:

  • Family trips,
  • vacations,
  • attendance at non-school sponsored events.

Please note: Illnesses that are excused under Compulsory Attendance Law may count against the 90% attendance law.

 that do not count against the 90% attendance law include, but are not limited to:

  • school field trip,
  • UIL activity,
  • dual credit course,
  • college visit or other school-related event.


Attendance Recovery Process